50 Lions Slots Alternatives Although designed by Australian gaming software specialist Aristocrat, 50 Lions is an online slot that adopts a decidedly African theme. Elephants and giraffes roam across a stunning savannah sunset in the backdrop, while the reels feature lone acacia trees at sunset, African tribal people, a zebra,Continue Reading

Android Blackjack Apps for Anytime Play Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games the world over, because it’s one of those games in which a player’s skill can offset the house edge and create more consistent winning streaks. Because Australian blackjack online betting is fast and simple,Continue Reading

Avalon; a Slot Take on Arthurian Legend Ceaseless ethereal New-Age music accompanies the game play in the Microgaming slot title Avalon, an indication of romanticised theme; a yearning for the golden days of King Arthur, and his eternal isle of Avalon. The game carries this inspiration through its rich purpleContinue Reading

What Makes a Site the Best Casino? Ask any gaming enthusiast what their definition of ‘the best casino’ is, and they will probably tell you it’s simple: a casino that pays them big jackpots, at regular intervals. That would indeed be a utopia, but even in the real world, whereContinue Reading

Big Top; a Simple Slot for Mobile The Big Top slot title, one of Microgaming’s Quickfire selection, is a game particularly suited to new players who are just getting into the fun of playing slots from a tablet or mobile phone. It’s a simple five-reeler with 9 pay lines, andContinue Reading

Slotomania Online casinos and online casino games feature on almost every platform imaginable. Their popularity has grown exponentially over the last decade and so with popularity their presence will naturally increase as well.  What started out in land-based casinos, moved over to the online arena, and shortly after have madeContinue Reading

Deuces Wild Multihand Video Poker Explained Video poker is a form of electronic poker, allowing a single player to earn payouts by creating the best hand of poker possible. The standard formula is for a player to electronically be dealt five cards, after which the player may select to holdContinue Reading

Joker Poker Explained in Depth There are a few accepted, official forms of poker, such as five card draw, seven card draw and Texas Hold ‘Em. These variations, although played differently, abide by the same basic rules of which hand of cards is higher in value, and what cards areContinue Reading

Tens or Better Online Video Poker When it comes to online casino games, many people think of slots. What most people don’t realise is that players can also choose to play any number of classic card and table games for free or for real money. This is also true forContinue Reading

Online Casino Hold’em Video Poker Casino Hold’em is one of the many variants of online video poker available. Video poker is a form of one of the world’s most famous card games, and the main attraction for most players is that is makes playing poker as easy as playing onlineContinue Reading