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A gambling boss, Ace Corbin, decides he has had enough of the dangerous world of gambling, and decides to find a new life somewhere else. The main plot of the film is revealed to the audience early on, while the characters themselves spend the film figuring out the various deceptions set in place, while dealing with the consequences of the deceptions in question. The gambling in the film is set against the prohibition laws of the 1930s, with Ace Corbin’s racket being tied to beer in particular.

Gambling Ship was set and filmed during 1933 in Hollywood, California, and was created during an era when sound was first being introduced into Hollywood movies. Filmed in black and white, Gambling Ship was one of the many early films produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film was first played at the Rivoli on the 23rd of June 1933. Some may know Gambling Ship alternatively as Casino del mar.

Gambling Ship Cast and Crew

The main protagonist of the film, Ace Corbin, is played by famous actor Cary Grant. Alongside him stars Benita Hume as his love interest and Jack Le Rue and Glenda Farrel as the antagonists. Gambling ship was adapted from the written works of Claude Binyon, with the screenplay being created by Max Marcin. Max Marcel also directed the film, along with Louis J. Gasnier.

Gambling Ship Plot

Having lived his life as a notorious, gambling boss, Ace Corbin decides to leave it all behind and search for a different purpose in life. He travels across the country to find a new place to settle like Canadian players looking for slots to play and enjoy. He plans to change his name when he arrives and leave his old life behind him. During his time on the train, Ace meets a woman named Eleanor Le Velle, and the two quickly fall in love, but the two do not wish to share their pasts with each other.

Eleanor herself has a past of sordid affairs. Things go awry as Ace’s old life catches up with him, and Eleanor own history begins to create trouble. Things continue to intensify as their pasts clash, creating new problems for the pair. Eventually, both Ace and Eleanor manage to move forward, and start a new life together.

Review of Gambling Ship

Gambling Ship has received mixed to positive reviews, with some criticising the uninspired story, as well as a long, drawn out plot. Many, however, praised the directing of the film, as well as the performances given by the cast, most notably the two roles lead by Cary Grant and Benita Hume. Gambling Ship also received praise for the comedic relief provided by actors Roscoe Karns and Charles Williams.

Gambling Ship Verdict

While not a masterpiece by any right, Gambling Ship still provides an enjoyable experience that still holds up even in modern times. Strong performances and intelligent direction combined with a reasonably tight script makes Gambling Ship one of the better films produced by Paramount Pictures during a young Hollywood.