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Betfair Casino Launches Evel Knievel Online Slot

Robert Craig Knievel was born in nineteen thirty eight and spent his life as a stunt man who regularly jumped motorcycles in death defying acts. In his career, he tried over seventy five of these jumps including a failed attempt to jump across the Snake River Canyon in nineteen seventy four. He even attempted a jump with a steam powered rocket.

During Evel’s career, he broke a total of four hundred and thirty three bones. That many bone fractures was enough to put him in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who had survived the most broken bones in a lifetime. Despite this, he managed to keep doing what he loved until his death in two thousand and seven at the age of sixty nine.

Evel Knievel Slot Setup

Betfair Casino at Spin Casino Canada launches Evel Knievel online slot is exciting news for fans of Evel Knievel. This slot from Odobo has a total of fifty paylines to go along with five reels. The art style in this slot is a realistic art style that shows elements of Evel and his daredevil shows. Behind the reels, the player can see the full city skyline of Last Vegas. This is fitting as Evel did quite a few of his stunts and many shows in the area and it is a place that he is both associated with and well known in. The city can be seen in all its lighted glory with the sun setting in the background.

The reels themselves are surrounded by pipes much like the chrome exhaust pipe that was on the side of the daredevil’s famous motorcycle. To the left of the reel is the man himself, dressed in his signature red, white and blue costume with red and blue shooting stars. People interested in Betfair Casino launches Evel Knievel online slot will be happy to know that this slot features a wealth of information and betting options on the screen so that player can customise their gaming experience as they wish. The player can see their balance, win, and adjust their bet at any time from the screen. There is also a spin, auto spin and help button for the player’s convenience.

Slot Symbols and Bonus Features

Players interested in Betfair Casino launches Evel Knievel online slot will want to know which symbols to look out for when playing. These symbols include the normal card symbols of nine through ace but also include symbols that are tied to Evel himself. These additional symbols include his helmet as well as his gloves and there is a wild symbol that features the face of Evel himself. Also keep an eye out for the number 1 symbol that has an American flag on it as well as Evel’s rocket ship.

Players interested in the fact that Betfair Casino launches Evel Knievel online slot should know that this game has a free spins bonus feature. In order to activate the bonus, the player must land at least three scatter symbols on reels three, two or one. This will give the player fifteen free spins.