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Big Top; a Simple Slot for Mobile

The Big Top slot title, one of Microgaming’s Quickfire selection, is a game particularly suited to new players who are just getting into the fun of playing slots from a tablet or mobile phone. It’s a simple five-reeler with 9 pay lines, and unusually for a Microgaming title, doesn’t even feature free spins or a bonus round.

However, the game does feature Wilds and a Scatter symbol that can win multipliers on the full bet, so worthwhile wins are still a possibility. With brightly coloured children’s-book graphics and accompanied by a cheerful soundtrack, it certainly has enough to keep players interested. The colour palette of both the background and the game symbols is a riot of bright primaries; pinks, blues, reds, greens and yellows.

Poker and Circus Symbols in Play

As the name suggests, Big Top is set in a circus, although this one features all-animal acts, with only two presumed humans in clown roles. The ringmaster, for example, is a tiger. The low-value symbols are familiar poker values, from 10 to A. The lowest win, for three 10s or three Js, is 10 coins. Five As wins 150 coins.

In increasing order of value, the rest of the symbols are a seal doing ball tricks, an elephant riding a tricycle, a goofy-looking clown, the ringmaster and the Big Top logo. All these symbols win for matches of two or better, and the top prize available is 5,000 coins for five Big Top logos on a pay line.

Adjusting Game Parameters on the Go                                                 

Depending on the mobile casino Australia hosting the title, and also on whether it is being played on a desktop or mobile site, Big Top’s 9 pay lines are either fixed or variable. If the latter applies, players can choose to bet on any number of pay lines from 1 to 9, but if the lines are fixed they must bet on all 9 for every spin.

In both cases, players will be able to adjust their bets per line, so Big Top stakes can still be determined according to the player’s budget. The slimmed-down version of the game available for mobile play has the added advantage of being fast to play, and accessible whenever a player is in the mood for some slots action, from almost anywhere in the world.

Wilds and Scatters Increase Wins

An even zanier-looking clown, with multi-coloured face and hair, serves as the Big Top Wild icon. It does not have any win value in combinations with itself, but it has the traditional power to replace any other symbol except the Scatter to complete extra winning pay lines.

The Scatter symbol is a cheeky monkey clown, but with no bonus round to trigger, its only function is to pay multipliers. If three or more Scatters crop up anywhere on the reels, the player wins a multiplier of the entire bet for the spin, in addition to any line wins that are made. The multipliers for three, four or five Scatters is X2, X10 and X50, respectively.