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Casino Holdem was invented in 2000 by a successful poker player who won several gambling titles, as well as quite a lot of money. He became tired of poker cash games and tournaments, and decided to turn his hand to developing games.

Casino Holdem was licensed in the United Kingdom in 2007, and now appears in several land based casinos, as well as many online casinos who offer real money blackjack online.

Casino Holdem is an easy poker variant, and uses many of the concepts of the popular games Texas Hold’em. Game play follows the pattern of Texas Hold’em, but as the game progresses you find that in Casino Holdem you play against the dealer and not against other players.

Certainly there is some skill involved, like in all forms of poker, but there is also a great deal of luck in being dealt the strongest hand according to the standard poker card rankings.

Casino Holdem Similar to Texas Hold’em

Basically, Casino Holdem is a simplified game of Texas Hold’em, so you begin with selecting the size of the chip you want to use, and place your bet on the Ante circle. In Casino Holdem you will be playing with real money chips, so the stakes are high just like when you’re playing the various real money pokies NZ has to offer.

This bet cannot be changed, but you can also place a bet on the AA Bonus circle. The game is played with a standard fifty two card deck. To start with, all players at the table including the dealer, are dealt two cards facing down.

These are referred to as hole cards. To begin play you will have to place a bet equal to twice your ante bet. If you fold and decide not to take part in that hand, you will forfeit your ante bet.

At this point, the dealer will deal three community cards which are placed in the centre of the table, facing upward. These cards can be used by all the players to complete their five card hands. You can now call, if you wish, which means place another bet. This bet has to be the same amount of the ante bet. At this point you can also fold if you wish, and this is called Check.

The Final Betting Round

A fourth community card is now placed with the others in the centre of the table, facing upward. Again you can either call or check, but if you decide to bet, the bet again got to be the same amount as the ante bet.

This will be your last chance to place a bet. The fifth and final community card is added to the other cards on the table. At this point you compare your five card hand to the dealer’s.

The dealer has to have at least a pair of 4s to qualify for the showdown. A loss means you lose all your bets, and tied hands will result in the return of your ante bet. If you have a better hand than the dealer you will win an amount equal to your ante, as well as plus an additional prize of the amount of your call bet.

The amount you win in Casino Holdem is decided by the value of the cards you hold.

If you placed a bonus bet at the beginning of the round, the dealer will check your hole cards to see if you quality for this bonus. This bet ensures that, even if your hand loses, you could still be a winner. Card combinations of Ace/Queen, Ace/King or Ace/Jack will win you the bonus bet.