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Deuces Wild Multihand Video Poker Explained

Video poker is a form of electronic poker, allowing a single player to earn payouts by creating the best hand of poker possible. The standard formula is for a player to electronically be dealt five cards, after which the player may select to hold certain cards, and cast out unneeded cards. The cast out cards will be replaced, making a final hand. If the hand created has a high enough value, the player is paid out. Note that although such poker was previously only available via physical electronic gambling stations, it is now offered online at virtual casinos.

Online Video Poker Availability

Video poker is one of the most popular forms of online gambling, with thousands of variations offered at hundreds of websites. These games can be played on a home computer or laptop, simply by opening the game in a web browser. The required files will automatically be loaded, after which the game will run. Note that the Flash software is required in order to open games in a browser, and must be installed on the computer or laptop. Flash is free software, and can be downloaded and installed from the Flash homepage. Video poker games may also be played on a mobile phone or laptop, but may require a permanent download to the device. Video poker applications can be downloaded from online casino websites, or from application stores such as Google Play Store or Apple iStore.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Game Play

The Deuces Wild rule was added to video poker, which allowed all two cards in the game to be treated as wild cards. This meant that it was easier for valuable poker hands to be created, and gave the players a greater chance of earning payouts. Once catching on this form of video poker became extremely popular. Deuces Wild Multihand poker has also been offered as a form of video poker.

Free And Real Play

Deuces Wild Multihand Poker is available to play for free at many online casinos, allowing the player to understand the rules before playing for real money. To start playing for free now, simply find a version of the game you would like to play, and open the demo version. Or, simply open the game without being logged into an active account. Virtual currency will be granted, which will allow free play for as long as is desired.

Deuces Wild Multihand Poker Explained

Deuces Wild Multihand hand poker is a variation of standard Deuces Wild video poker. In this variation the player may select a number of hands to play simultaneously, with each extra hand requiring a larger upfront bet. The player is dealt one set of five cards, and may select the cards wanted, with the rest of the five being cast out. The trick is that the cards selected to be held will appear in all the hands currently played. When the player decides to draw, each hand will draw different cards, in addition to those held. Hence, the player will have multiple chances at achieving a valuable hand, and may earn winnings from each hand played. Deuces Wild Multihand poker is a popular video poker variation, and available to play at the best online pokies Australia.