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Deuces Wild is a remarkably popular video poker game. And this within a particularly popular casino genre, for video poker has both the attraction of both poker and slots games and is in itself very well known. Invented during the 1970’s, video poker built up a following that has simply kept growing with the advent of online video poker.

Deuces Wild has become one of the more widely played video poker games. It was therefore inevitable that multiple software development companies, such NetEnt, also offer this video poker variation with a Multihand option.

Video poker games are generally based largely on the premises of the base game, Jacks or Better. Various features are incorporated into the different games, with Deuces Wild having the feature that the number two card, known as the deuce, is wild, and can substitute for any other card.

The Software Guys

Net Entertainment are third in terms casino software market-share, and are known for exquisite graphics, pure and clean gameplay mechanics, and innovative game design.

Their range of video poker games has kept casino players engaged for many years now and fresh innovations such as Deuces Wild Multihand are sure to keep the swathes of video poker players entertained for many more years.

Playing Many Hands at Once

More opportunities to win are effectively provided in Deuces Wild Multihand. In the standard Deuces Wild game, players have four opportunities to land five of a kind. Now they can have up to 208 opportunities for this possibility to occur. This is because up to 52 hands of Deuces Wild video poker at a time with the NetEnt game. This number of video poker hands is the maximum. The standard, default setting is, however, 3 hands. Players can adjust the number of hands played by varying the selector options, but should do so with some considerable forethought.

Deuces Wild Multihand by NetEnt allows for the value of each credit wagered to be varied. This plays a major role when playing many hands of poker simultaneously, as this can be a costly exercise. In terms of gameplay, Multihand games can still only show one of the hands dealt with the cards face up, even though many hands may be being played.

Players select the cards to hold before drawing more cards, and the held cards will be repeated in every hand played even though they are all face down. All hands are then completed, using a pack of cards for each hand. Any wins achieved are paid out according to the pay table, which may be exciting but is played at significantly lowered odds.

The Winning Hands

Winning hands in Deuces Wild Multihand begin with Three of a Kind, a hand that is then followed by the Straights, Flushes, Full Houses, Four of a Kind, Straight Flushes, Five of a Kind, Royal Flushes, Four Deuces and the Natural Royal Flush in order.

The biggest win in the base game is a remarkable 4000 coins awarded for a Natural Royal Flush, which is a hand that does not include any of the wild deuces.

Deuces Wild poker is one of the video poker games with the best odds for the player. Therefore, when playing Deuces Wild Multihand, players can use the best return to player averages over multiple hands for the top statistical option in this very high action content game playing option within the realm of online pokies Australia, New Zealand and other regions have to offer.