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Dou Dizhu can be translated as Fight the Landlord, and it is a climbing card game for three players ideally, although this number can be increased to four. In each of the hands the player taking the part of the landlord will play against the remaining players who will form a team. The aim of the landlord is to be the first to play out all his or her cards in the valid combinations, and the team will win if they manage to do so before he or she can. It is said to have begun in the Hubei province, but it is now played all over not only China but the world, thanks to the easy access the world of online casinos provide.

Description of Dou Dizhu Rules and Play

Dou Dizhu falls within the genre of shedding. It is an incredibly popular pastime for Chinese players, and it is very easy to learn. While getting into is quite straightforward, however, it does take dedication to acquire the strategic and mathematical thinking the game requires, and this fact provides on going enjoyment for those who have mastered the initial grasp of play.

Dou Dizhu is best enjoyed by three players, and these will make use of a single deck of cards, including both the jokers. The game begins with players starting to bid for the position of the landlord. The losers will enter the game as so-called farmers, and form a team in order to compete with the player who managed to secure the landlord position.

The Basic Rules of Dou Dizhu

The basic rules that players of Dou Dizhu will have to master are very easy to remember, and, thanks to the wide availability of free and demo version available at top online casinos, players are able to put their knowledge to as much practice as they wish before the real money betting begins. Players need to bear in mind however that since they are not risking any of their own money during play they will not be able to take any of their winnings with them when the game finishes. Being in the running for holding on to any wins necessitates risking some of their own.

  1. Cards are ranked individually in the following descending order: coloured joker; white joker; two; ace; king; queen; jack; ten; nine; eight; seven; six; five; four; three.
  2. Suits are neither here nor there –players can play Dou Dizhu with the matter of suits erased from the cards.
  3. Only the same category hand can be compared: players are only able to beat the preceding hand using cards of the same category.
  4. Only chains of identical length can be compared. Beating the preceding hand by using the same amount of cards is a key principle for this game, and only the Bomb and the Nuke may override this rule.
  5. Players are only allowed to compare the rank of the so-called Primal cards. The Kicker’s rank does not affect comparisons.
  6. Jokers and twos are not consecutive cards: the coloured joker; white joker; and two are not to be used in any of the primal card chains since they are not considered as following the ace.