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Joker Poker Explained in Depth

There are a few accepted, official forms of poker, such as five card draw, seven card draw and Texas Hold ‘Em. These variations, although played differently, abide by the same basic rules of which hand of cards is higher in value, and what cards are required to make these hands. There are additional rules that twist how easy it is to get a winning hand, such as deuces wild, which although makes the game faster paced, will never be allowed in official tournaments. One form of poker, called Joker Poker, is known for being an almost completely different form of card game. It is patented by Casino Gaming Concepts Inc, and can be found at selected real world and online casinos. It is possible to play the game both in groups, and single player in video poker form.

Played In Groups

If played in a group, Joker Poker generally has a dedicated table in a casino. The table, which will have been specifically designed for the game, may seat a maximum of seven people, plus a dealer. After the ante, the players are dealt cards in the traditional fashion, five in total. The players may now look at their cards. The twist of this variation of poker comes here; each player is allowed to assign one card as a wild card, and is required to place that card face down on the table. The remaining cards are then placed face down in front of the player. The dealer turns over the cards, and announces the value of the hand, plus the wild card. The catch of this form of poker is that a player drawing what would otherwise be considered a low value hand, may turn out to have the strongest hand at the table, if wisely selecting a joker card.

Available Platforms

Joker Poker may be played at mobile casinos Canada on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. Since the interface of the game is so simple, it is perfect for touch screen devices, and will likely run on the majority of modern smart phones. To start playing now simply search for the game at your favourite online casino, or at the Google Play Store or Apple iStore.

Joker Poker Video Poker

This form of poker may also be played in video poker form, with only a single player participating. The player will be dealt a hand of five cards, after which they must select their wild card. In the case of a physical poker console, the machines have a button beneath each card, requiring the player press the button beneath the card they wish to become the joker. After selection, the machine will automatically determine the value of the hand, and payout if the hand has a high enough value. It is, of course, essential to understand the winning hands of poker in order to always create the strongest hand possible. Online Joker Poker is played in much the same way, requiring the player tap or click the card they wish to become the joker.