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The King Kong slot game was created by Cryptologic. It features a theme based around the legendary enormous gorilla, famous for climbing tall buildings and fighting aeroplanes. More specifically, however, the King Kong slot game is based around the recent movie remake staring Jack Black.

Players can look forward to seeing all the faces from the movie, including, of course, the monster gorilla himself. In terms of graphics the King Kong slot game is a bit hit and miss, featuring excellent renditions of Kong, but a few lacklustre symbol designs.

The music is also nothing to write home about, but does a good job of evoking images of Skull Island, where Kong was found. In terms of game play a five reel, twenty betting line system is used, with players allowed to manually adjust betting lines between spins. Be sure to look out for the many bonus mini-games in the King Kong slot game, which is where the graphics special effects and big money can be found.

King Kong Slot Symbol Designs

Anyone familiar with the movie will know who the famous faces are, and al of them can be found in the King Kong slot game.

The lady responsible for stealing Kong’s heart is at number one, being the most valuable symbol in the game. Upon matching her face a total of five times, a huge instant payout will be granted.

Next in line is the writer who stole the ladies heart, who is moderately less valuable in terms of payouts, but will still be a welcome sight on the reels. Next is Jack Black, the obsessive movie maker, who ranks as a medium value symbol. The last picture symbol is the captain of the ship, a man who died a rather horrific death in the movie.

The remaining lowest value symbols are all playing card numbers, including ten, jack, queen king and ace. These symbols offer only minor payouts.

King Kong Bonuses

There are three major bonus systems in King Kong slot at online casino Malaysia. The first is the Skull Island bonus, which can be activated by matching three Skull Island symbols. Upon the symbols being matched a mini-game will be triggered, showing a map of Skull Island. The player must select locations to visit on the island, which will grant cash bonuses. The second big bonus system is titled the Big City bonus.

If the player matches three Kong Symbols, the play area will change to reflect Kong visiting the city. Free spins will be granted, each having the benefit of added Kong wild symbols. This mode can be extremely lucrative, with major cash prizes possible.

Note that in this mode, if three wild Kong symbols match, further free spins will be granted, up to a maximum of 99. Sadly, one of the big cash bonuses in this game involves seeing Kong get shot down by passing aeroplanes. Bad news for the giant gorilla, but good news for the player, who will get a massive bonus payout.