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What Makes a Site the Best Casino?

Ask any gaming enthusiast what their definition of ‘the best casino’ is, and they will probably tell you it’s simple: a casino that pays them big jackpots, at regular intervals. That would indeed be a utopia, but even in the real world, where casino generosity is more strictly rationed, it is still possible to rank and rate various gaming alternatives and create a best casino list.

Online and mobile gaming have changed the industry completely, of course, with some features that were important when rating land-based casinos falling away completely, and new criteria arising to take their place. The availability of machines or tables and avoiding overcrowding is important in land-based operations, for example, but it simply isn’t a consideration in mobile and online casinos, where there’s always enough room for everyone.

Best Casino Criteria in the Digital Age

On the other hand, in land-based casinos operating predominantly in cash, encryption software and protecting the security of player’s bank accounts are not things the casino is expected to worry about. In online and mobile casinos, it is essential.

For players who enjoy their casino action online, there are four basic criteria on which different sites can be assessed against each other to pick the best casino. These are: accessibility, variety of options, security and customer service.

Accessibility the First Step

Obviously, there is no point in even trying to rate a casino licensed in a jurisdiction that does not allow the player access, so the first step in assessing a casino site is to ensure it is legally available in the player’s region. With that out of the way, the ease and speed with which players can register and start playing becomes a factor; at the best casinos, this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Security Goes without Saying

To be on the best casino list, it’s imperative that top-level SSL encryption is in place, so that players’ bank accounts and transactions can’t be hacked. The site should also practise a strict privacy policy, to prevent the sharing of any player’s personal information with third parties. The games the site offers should be independently audited as well, to ensure that they deliver properly random results.

Variety of Options Important Too                                                            

Variety of options does not refer only to the selection of games on offer, although obviously it is important that players can find lots of games that they enjoy, in different categories like slots, table games, card games, Australian sports betting etc. But the currencies and languages the site offers are also important, as are the number of banking methods available for deposits and withdrawals. Players should also be able to get games coded for optimum play on whatever device they prefer at all good casinos.

Customer Service Delivering Satisfaction

The final criterion to apply when deciding on the best casino is customer service in general. What channels does the site offer to resolve any queries or disputes, and how diligently do they respond to customer complaints? Do they have a reputation for prompt payouts and fair dealings? Customer reviews are a useful tool in this regard; frequent complaints about any site not paying when customers win are a sure sign that it doesn’t belong on the best casino list.