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Its no secret every Roulette player, not unlike passionate motor vehicle owners, has his or her favourite strategy for winning. Some work and others don’t. Some players would even argue that Roulette cannot be beat by way of strategy or system and that winning is completely down to luck.

But whatever your particular take on the matter of Roulette strategy vs. Roulette luck, there are some basic guidelines that should be followed any old day of the week – lucky or not.

It’s Simple: Know When To Stop

It’s a word of advice we’ve heard countless times before: winners know when to stop. And yet, we’re rather slow on the uptake whenever the time to apply the advice comes knocking. However, its as solid a snippet advice as they come.

Try to keep in mind that luck is an ever-moving target. It can turn. Isn’t it better to go home with $10 in your pocket than what it is to run a deficit of $100 out of pure greed for having wanted more and more? Our first and golden rule then: know when to call it a day. There’s always tomorrow.

Get To Know The Game

Even those madly in love with the game will quickly tell you that Roulette is a game with a will and personality of its own. It’s why we love it, after all. It has personality! Players often report having experienced a sensation not unlike a typical “6th sense”. Or in common Roulette lingo: learn to walk away whenever you experience a sneaky sensation that the wheel is “out to get you”. This is of course not as much the result of the game plotting against you, but more a case of luck failing to turn in your favour.

Try Not To Spend Your Capital

For example: in the event that you started out with “starting capital” equal to $200, and you after a time discover yourself to be rolling in 50 bucks extra, try to only play your profit from that point on out. Do what you can not to have to delve back in to your original $200.

Be Aware Of Your “Record”

Don’t be afraid to try out a wide variety of strategies before settling on one or two favourites. Be aware of what works and what doesn’t – for you in particular. It remains a thing of incredible mystery, but what works for someone else may not work for you. And vice versa. Success is all about having fun and finding what it is that works for you personally.

There’s No Rush

This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but its often ignored. When playing Roulette, take your time. Playing too fast (for whatever reason) will only lead to stupid decisions and mistakes.

Start Small – Then Go Bigger

Upon arrival, first gauge the feel around the table. If it looks to be an evening shaping up for the win, go ahead and wager your first bet. But start small. This will help you preserve your bankroll for as long as possible.