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Angels Touch Top 20 online slot is a heavenly themed slot that features five reels, forty fixed paylines and an angel theme.

The art style that Angels Touch Top 20 uses will be familiar to most seasoned slot players. It is a cartoon style that takes elements of the pinup craze that saw a rise in popularity during the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties. The difference is that the pinup girl is actually an angel instead of just a fashion model or actress.

The background to this game is undoubtedly a heavenly scene. The player can see bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds along with what appears to be the golden gates of heaven. To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the fixed paylines, all forty of them, which are marked by a myriad of multi-coloured boxes. At the top of the reels, several prompts show up in bright pink giving the player tips on how to maximise their playing experience. The name of the slot also comes up from time to time. A very similar mechanic is present at the bottom of the reels in a bright yellow font against a solid black background. Messages like, “Get three or more Angels, and the sky is the limit” along with “with luck you can triple your wilds” scroll by regularly.

When players visit, at the bottom of the online slots screen, the player is given betting options along with additional information. The first betting option is the ability to change the denomination of credits wagered. This option is right below the autospin function. To the right of that, that player is given the choice to adjust how many credits they wish to use per line. This can be one, two, three, four or five. The player can also double their chance of bonus with the ante bet play feature. This button is a picture of the angel and says “play feature +10”. The player can also see their total credits, ante bet, line bet, total bet and amount won. There’s also spin and bet max buttons that can be utilised.

Angels Touch Top 20 Symbols

The symbols used in Angels Touch Top 20 online slot include a mix of classic symbols as well as theme specific symbols. From least to most valuable, these symbols include a nine, then, jack, when, king ace, silver trumpet, silver harp and silver bell with a red ribbon.

There is also a scatter symbol which the angel pinup as well as a wild symbol that has the word wild in gold surrounded by wings and a halo.

Angels Touch Top 20 Bonus Features

If the player manages to land at least three of the angel scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, they will be given free spins. But before the free spins are given, the player must go through a mini game. Pick from the eight clouds presented to gain access to multipliers. Once the player has done this, the free spins will begin.

There is also an ante feature that’s featured at the bottom of the slot. Using this increases the chance of activated a bonus feature and costs the player an extra ten credits.