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Magic Wand is an online slots game by Williams Interactive that has five reels with a total of twenty five paylines. This cartoon style slot features a mix of comic and realistic character and symbol artwork. The use of reds, blacks and purples which are traditionally associated with magic shows helps to set the scene for the player.

Behind the reel, the background is a large red curtain draped over an empty stage. This further reinforces the magic show theme to the player. At the top, the player can see the title of the slot, Magic Wand, in a gradient fading from yellow to orange. The words are surrounded by swirling red calligraphy and a black top hat with a magician’s wand separates the two words. The reel itself is surrounded in a golden border while the individual reel backgrounds are light purple cylinders with a darker diamond pattern running from top to bottom.

Below the reel sitting on a gold plaque, the player will find general information about the slot as well as different spin amounts they can choose from. To the left and right of the spin amounts are min and max buttons to show the player what is the minimum and maximum they can place for each spin. The minimum bet the player can make is .25. To the right the player can see their win, and use the blue button with a white circular arrow to activate the next spin. There is also an auto play feature on this slot. The formula for the player’s total bet is given at the top of the golden plaque. This formula is 25 lines times the player’s bet per line equals the total bet that the player will place.

Magic Wand Slot Symbols

The symbols used in Magic Wand slot are used to further reinforce the magic show theme. The first symbol is a white gloves hand holding an ace card with a top hat and wand on it.

The second symbol is a pair of bright red dice with white dots that is being rolled. The third symbol is an ornate red and black box that is used in magic tricks. The fourth symbol is a yellow dove which is perched in a locked wire cage. The fifth symbol has Magic Wand written in yellow and gold letters with a red curtain behind it. The sixth symbol is a cylinder container with a bright red handkerchief sticking out of the top. The seventh symbol is a pair of hands in white gloves, one open and one holding a black wand with white tip.

The eighth symbol is the magician casting a spell over his top hat. The next symbol is the top hat and wand with a red curtain behind and embellished gold border. The next symbol is a copper lock with chains hooked through the top, and the final symbol is the magician’s assistant. She is a blonde woman with white gloves half way up her arms and a black top hat.

Magic Wand Bonus Features

If the player hits three or more of the magic hat scatter symbols, they will be awarded with free spins. 3 scatters will award 5 free spins, 4 scatters will award 7 free spins, and 5 will award 20 free spins.