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Android Blackjack Apps for Anytime Play

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games the world over, because it’s one of those games in which a player’s skill can offset the house edge and create more consistent winning streaks. Because Australian blackjack online betting is fast and simple, based on cards the player can see and not the bluffs of other players, the game is also perfect for mobile play on smart phones and tablets.

Owners of devices that connect online via the Android platform are increasingly discovering that these technological marvels have great capabilities as entertainment centres, especially when looking for mobile casino games. Android blackjack is one of the options they are keen on, and developers have responded by creating a number of dedicated blackjack apps to play on Android.

Blackjack Apps; the Good-Looking Options

Real Blackjack is an Android app that renders the table in lavish detail, for endless casual play. The app has useful features to help players keep track of the odds and even learn card counting. Although all play is free, it tends to give players slightly better results than they would see with truly random cards. This could result in a nasty shock, the first time they play blackjack for real.

Blackjack 2011 is also an Android app with a design strongly based on real blackjack tables. The cards it deals seem more genuinely randomised than those in Real Blackjack, so it gives players a more accurate idea of the risks and rewards of blackjack for real stakes. It includes a handy lesson in how to play blackjack properly, along with features like playing suggestions and an Expected Value estimate.

More Blackjack App Options

The design of the table in Casino Blackjack is much more basic than it is in the first two apps mentioned, but it is another Android alternative. It is also closer to real blackjack, in terms of the randomness of the cards. The free app gives the basic game, and players can buy extra features like Card Counting and Cheat Mode.

Live Blackjack, which can be accessed through players’ Facebook accounts, is an Android-compatible app that claims to facilitate multi-player blackjack in real time. It sets chip limits just like a real-money player has to, and although its features are fairly basic, it’s a useful tool for learning the game from scratch. Some players may be put off by the cartoonish feel of the design.

Downloads not Always Required                                                             

Not all casino gaming fans have unlimited space on their mobile devices to clutter up with gaming apps, of course. Those who enjoy blackjack, but don’t want to download a permanent app, are not barred from Android blackjack, however. Many mobile casinos allow play on all their games directly via the Android browser, with no download required.

Players can enjoy free blackjack at these sites, as long as they are content to win credits only. Those who do want to wager real money can also find plenty of options, with or without downloads, that allow them to play Android blackjack for real stakes.