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Businesses enforce rules of confidentiality, keep special recipes a trade secret for years on end, and even register patents and trademarks in order to protect what’s theirs. And even though there’s absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ with any of these, many people assume that if casinos were to follow suit, operators would be called out for behaving in a predatory fashion. Which is of course the worst type of flawed thinking ever adopted – casinos are businesses after all! And as such, casinos, not unlike any other business, have their long-protected trade secrets too.

At the same time, however, every person is at perfect liberty to try and beat any business at its own game, and if fair is indeed fair, then this logic should apply to casino industry too. And it certainly does. These are just some of the things no casino wants its players to know.

Betting Big Is Mostly Better

This is perhaps the most ‘important’ rule of thumb, and in a way, ties in nicely with refusing to constantly chase one’s losses. Betting big on a game that you’ve managed to develop a confidence (and perhaps even 1 or 2 effective strategies) for, is always preferable over hanging about for hours and hours on end playing small wagers only.

Small wagers are of course perfectly fine when applied in a balanced way. But there remains much to be said by risking a bit more of the old bankroll every once in a while.

Learning ‘Busy’ Is Best

Go all in. Don’t be afraid to learn a new game with a lot of people playing a very busy table. There are many reasons for why this piece of seemingly senseless advice has been included on our list. One of the main perks of learning from a busy table is that whenever more people are playing, a newbie will have that much more time to work out a next move. Also, more player playing mean more souls to learn from. And since people generally have diverse ideas as to what works best and what doesn’t work at all, there’ll be time enough to make up your own mind.

Hot Slots Don’t Exist

The act of gambling is in essence based on being surprised by the unexpected actually happening or coming true. This logic can be applied even to slots. Slots are governed by Random Number Generators and as such, don’t exactly follow specific or predictable patterns of play. Where would be the fun in that?

And so, to assume that a slot is either hot – i.e. on a winning streak, or cold, i.e. logic dictating that its ‘just paid out big’ and therefore can’t be expected to pay out big again very soon, are assumptions essentially dead in the water.

Don’t fall victim to that old and cunning enemy known as the gambler’s fallacy. Past results do not determine future outcomes.

Where would have been the sense of adventure in that in anyway? Playing is meant to be fun and its best kept that way.