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The famous card game of chance, Blackjack, has two variants that are known as Pontoon. The first of these variants is a popular game that is played in Oceanic countries, such as Australia and Malaysia, and is similar to another card game, Spanish 21. The second Pontoon is based on the online card game by software developer Real Time Gaming, as well as other online casino game developers.

The rules of online Pontoon are similar in many ways to traditional blackjack, albeit with a few key differences. Online Pontoon can be found on a number of different online casino websites, and can be played completely free. This gives players the chance to learn to play online Pontoon, as well as the chance to experiment with strategies.

The Rules of Online Pontoon

To start off with, the game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. All the cards have the same value as would be found in blackjack, although different hands in Pontoon have their own names and formation. The first is the Pontoon hand, which is made up of an ace and any card that has a value of ten. Secondly, any hand that has 5 cards, which don’t lead to a bust for the player with the hand. Thirdly, a hand made up of 4 cards that doesn’t mean a bust. Lastly, a hand that leads to a bust is considered the lowest value card and means the player is forfeit from the game.

As the game of online Pontoon starts, the player receives two cards. The player can then choose to stay with the hand they have, or choose to take another cards from the deck. Depending on the hand that the player was dealt, they may take one, two, or more cards to try increase their chances of getting a Pontoon. For example, if the player has a 5 card hand, they can only take one more card from the deck.

Alternatively, if the player has a 4 card hand, they are allowed to take two cards from the deck. The cards are added to the total value of that deck, and the player’s score is valued off of the hand. Losing means an immediate forfeit of the game, while winning means the player is allowed to take whatever is up for grabs.

Online Pontoon for New Players

There are few card games that are as popular as blackjack, and the variants of blackjack, such as online Pontoon, are extremely entertaining. Players interested in trying out online Pontoon for the first time have plenty of options available to them.

Online Pontoon Strategies

Online Pontoon, ideally the free versions of the game, allows the player to practice the different strategies that are available to learn. Some of the strategies are incredibly simple, and others can become more complex as the game continues.

Different versions of online Pontoon employ different forms of play, and players can therefore learn the strategies best suited for that specific version of the game. For instance, the strategies employed in online Pontoon made by Real Time Gaming will be different to the strategy the player would use when playing Pontoon by Microgaming.