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Betting and gambling in Australia has always been welcomed and embraced by both the people and the local government. There are no strict rules when it comes to betting, and for the most part, Australian bettors and game players are free to indulge in any casino games of their choice.

Australia is home to a plethora of different casinos, and casino games are one of the country’s most popular pastimes. The popularity of theses games only exploded once the Internet was introduced to the general public, and now there are dozens of sites that cater to the Australian betting public, offering them all the latest games and bonuses.

There is a lot that can be learnt about the different gambling laws and how they tie into casino games, and this information can help players have a more rounded, intricate knowledge of the casino world that they love and cherish.

Australian Betting Situation

The Australian government has never adopted harsh gambling laws, and betting in all forms has been common since the first modern Australians settled on the country. Even the native Australians, the Aborigines, quickly grew to love the card games that the Chinese would bring over, and that love remains to this day.

The Australian government has, however, attempted to add some regulation to gambling within the country, but many of these regulations are out-dated and don’t quite hold up against modern online casinos and their games.

What Laws Are In Place In Australia?

While there was once an attempted prohibition of card games before the 1970s, the Australian public was quick to fight back against these laws, and they fell away over time. Instead, the government chose to rather add a tax to gambling, where players would be required to pay the government a percentage of any winnings that they made.

As online casino became more prevalent across the world, Australia was one of the first countries to adopt online casinos as a pastime that met all their betting needs. As of today, there are no laws that prohibit any type of betting, and Australian players are free to play games at their leisure on any International sites of their choice.

Who Monitors Australian Betting?

Betting in Australia is monitored and regulated by the many states within the country, but there are some agencies that also regulate what goes on. The Australian Racing Commission is one of these agencies, and they monitor most of the local races that take place within the country, such as horse racing.

Playing Securely In Australian

Security is a concern all over the world, but especially for those that are from countries where the government does not actively regulate online betting. This is because it means that bettors and game players do not have a safety net to fall back on in case something goes wrong while playing at an International online casino.

This makes it very important that any sites that a player wishes to join up with must have the right licences and seals of approval. There are many international agencies that constantly watch the more well-known online casino sites for any illicit activities, and to make sure that all the games the site offers are fair to the players.

One such site is eCOGRA, which requires that casino sites submit to annual audits and monitoring to ensure the safety of players. Players should make sure that the site they want to sign up with is monitored by agencies like eCOGRA or others for the sake of security.

Fund Security For Australians

Any online casino site that is monitored by eCOGRA will have its seal of approval on the site’s home screen. This is the first and best way to make sure that a site is safe to use, and that there is very little chance of anything going wrong.

Secondly, sites that have the right security measures are vital. When loading up a site, if there is a little green lock located in the URL bar at the top of the browser, it means the site is safe to use and that all information will be secured.

Recourse For Australian Players

If there are any issues, or the player suspects there is foul play, the first thing they should do is contact the customer support that is offered by Jackpotcity Casino NZ. If the issue remains unresolved, the player should then contact the agency that regulates the casino. In most cases, the casino will offer information that allows players to contact agencies such as eCOGRA, should the need arise.

Popular Australian Games

There are a number of casino games that have gained massive popularity within the country. Each of these games can often be found for free, but there are just as many versions that can be played for real money.


Pokies are the most popular casino games in the world. There are thousands of different pokies games to choose from, and anyone with an Internet connection has free reign to find a large range of pokies games, featuring everything from simple, classic pokies, to modern, complex video pokies.


The staple of any casino, blackjack is an absolute classic, and remains one of the most played casino games in the world. Blackjack is extremely popular in Australia, and many international sites offer different varieties of the game.



Another incredibly popular card game, poker is enjoyed around the world, and there are thousands of Australian players who take part in the game every day. Most casinos will offer straight video poker to their players, and it is even possible to take part in live poker tournaments online.

Finding The Best Games Online

Finding the casino that suits your needs is the first and most important step to take when entering the exciting casino world. Once a site has been chosen and you have signed up, it is simply a matter of choosing a game that looks the most interesting and enjoying it. Many casinos will offer games free to play, but if you feel up to it, these same games can be played for real money.